Monday, December 9, 2013

Shupercousin Designs 2013 Holiday Gift Ideas!

Gift ideas for the pro wrestling lovers in your life! :-D Happy Holidays from Shupercousin Designs!!!
 Sold by SHIMMER / via
Sold by Blue Nikita / More images here / E-mail Blue Nikita to Inquire
Shupercousin Designs / Price Includes Domestic USA/Canada Shipping / Int'l Shipping $5 
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Sold by Terra Calaway via
 Sold by Jay Bradley via
Shupercousin Designs Artbook II / $20 USD incl. Free International Shipping
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Merch Page Created

Please check out the new merch page to see what Shupercousin Goods are available. There you can:

  • Purchase the new Shupercousin T-shirt ($10-$13 depending on size)
  • Purchase the JoshiGirls Artbook ($22 - SALE!)
  • Inquire about artwork commission! :)


Friday, November 30, 2012


It's been a year since I last posted on this blog! >_< The last post was about my first artbook. Incidently, about a year later I'm posting again, this time about Shupercousin Design's 2nd artbook!


The artbook is entitled: "Joshi Girls". It features 7 fictional joshi wrestlers in my signature caricature style. The plan for "Joshi Girls" is that it will eventually turn into my first direct-to-consumer t-shirt line featuring the characters.

Front Cover
Back Cover


The table of content includes:
  • Joshi Girl (Dropkick)
  • Undead Girl (Undeath Valley Bomb)
  • Lucha Girl (Moonsault)
  • Monster Girl (Diving Guillotine Legdrop)
  • Vamp Girl (Hardcore)
  • Sexy Girl (Cross Armbreaker)
  • Princess Girl (The 619)


Also, as a bonus, the Artbook will feature 2 pages that contains the full Shupercousin Designs joshi puroresu directory (over 70 real-life joshi wrestler caricatures). To see a sample of the joshi caricatures I've created so far, check out my Facebook page!

More information about the Artbook:

  • Price: $24 USD (no tax)
  • Shipping: FREE, World-Wide Shipping (to most countries/jurisdictions)
  • Size: 9" x 7" (landscape)
  • Pages: 20 pages (not including cover)
  • Cover: Glossy, hard cover, stitch-bound
  • Inside Pages: 157 gsm acid-free paper
  • Shipping Time: Please note, this will be a Print on Demand project, which means that we only manufacture upon your order. So please allow for up to 3 weeks (21 days) in total for processing + shipping 
  • Payment: PayPal ONLY (or in person if you know we are going to see each other ;-D)
  • Content Advisory: All content are considered suitable for ages 13+
  • Sale Period: The first phase of sales starts now and ends on December 20, 2012 EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 24, 2012, announcements will be made for future sale phases
  • Additional Questions? Contact me at
Finally, as an additional bonus, every person who purchases this Artbook will be automatically entered into a drawing to get an exclusive Shupercousin Designs joshi puroresu directory t-shirt:

Each order is considered one entry into the drawing. The first phase of the sale of the Artbook will go only until December 20th, 2012. After that, a name will be randomly drawn to determine the winner of the t-shirt which will be custom made for the winner (shirt color: black, shirt sizes from S - XXL).

Sample pages:




Also, check out a few joshi puroresu merch items that I am willing to part with:

Full Metal Ladies 2 Photobook ($30)
Picked this up at Chikara's KOT. This is the 2nd in the Full Metal Ladies series. It features Commando Bolshoi, Sendai Sachiko, Yumi Ohka, Yuu Yamagata, and more.The photobook has been signed by Command Bolshoi. I forgot to ask Sendai Sachiko to sign it >_< OR Yumi Ohka for that matter...!

Zenjo DVD 8, Main Event: LCO/Marine Wolves vs JWP ($20)
Also picked up this from Toyota's merch table @ Chikata's KOT. Releases of AJW's classic battles. This DVD features the epic 4 vs 4 elimination match between Mima Shimoda, Etsuko Mita, Suzuka Minami & Akira Hokuto vs. Plum Mariko, Ozaki Mayumi, Devil Masami & Dynamite Kansai. 

Picked this up from the Sendai Girls table @ Chikara's KOT. Never worn, still in original package, untouched.

Email me if interested in the above 3 items and we can talk shipping costs.  Or contact me via Facebook.


Finally, thank you all for your generous support. The reason I am launching the artbook now and selling some of my prized merch collection is to raise funds to offset the costs of my baby girl Ruthie's recent bladder stone surgery this past week. I'm already about $2,500 into it already, and she's still been struggling to recover and kept needing more medical visits. So anything will be helpful! I really appreciate it! So not only will my cutie pie Ruthie thank you also, but you'll also get some great joshi puroresu goods out of it! Makes great holiday gifts ;-D

Ruthie Thanks You!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Shupercousin Designs Artbook!

Do you want to own the very first Shupercousin Designs artbook? I've been working hard putting together my very first artbook - filled with unreleased and new artwork. It is a 20-page, 9"x7" artbook, full-color inside pages with matte finish, the cover is a hard bound glossy cover with stitch binding. The artbook features my unique take on such pop culture icons as Hello Kitty, X-Men characters, Chewbacca, as well as original Shupercousin creations. Below are the front and back cover art:

Front Cover
Back Cover
As soon as my first hard copy arrives I will take some pictures of it and post it here! The table of Contents and a sneak peek page from the artbook are below:

Hello.....I kill you!!!!
One of my favorites from the Artbook - must be from all the "The Walking Dead" that I've been watching...
Why a photobook now? Well, many of you know that I make t-shirt designs and usually I send it off to a professional shop to have them printed. I'm considering getting my own heat press so that I can make my own t-shirts more efficiently and cost-effectively. It'll also give me more control over what I can create and make. I used to use regular clothes iron, but its just not hot enough and can't apply enough even pressure for make the decals stick. I need a heat press. The press I'm looking at is the 15"x15" t-shirt heat press. The proceeds from the sale of the photobook will go towards the purchase of this t-shirt press:

So, if you'd be interested to help out, and to get a fancy, glossy, cute artbook out of it in the process, please feel free to purchase the artbook. Makes a great gift as well, or maybe the world's smallest coffee table book! It is $22 shipping included (ships free internationally). Checkout is processed securely by PayPal (sorry I can only accept payment via PayPal). Before you order, please make sure you read all the the specifications of the book:

Size: 9 x 7 inches
Pages: 20 pages (not including cover)
Cover: Hard cover, stitch bound
Inside: 157 gsm acid-free paper
Color: Full Color Printing
Shipping: Free International Shipping
Shipping Time: Please note, this will be a Print on Demand project, which means that we only manufacture upon your order. So please allow for up to 3 weeks (21 days) in total for processing + shipping
Price: $22.00 USD
Payment: PayPal ONLY
Age Appropriateness: Mostly cartoons that are appropriate for all ages, but "Vampire Girl" and "Zombie Girl" features partial nudity and gore which may not be recommended for children (pls. see sample page above)
Additional Questions: Contact me at


Check out more Shupercousin Designs artwork on Facebook:

Find me on Twitter:!/Bolshoi_Cousin